8759 Битва за Метру Нуи

Battle of Metru Nui

Артикул: 8759
856 деталей
РРЦ: 0 руб
MSRP: $79.99

Подсерия: Playsets
Bionicle, 2005


Финальная битва за город Метру Нуи

Описание от Лего:

Challenge the Visorak for control of Metru Nui!

The Toa Hordika face their greatest challenge as they battle the Visorak for control of the Coliseum! Can they make it past the mighty Kahgarak, the Visorak defenders, and the tricks and traps? Lead the mini Toa Hordika figures into battle as they struggle to reach the great Hau gateway.

  • Includes 6 mini Toa Hordika and 7 mini Visorak figures.
  • Defeat the giant Kahgarak spider to conquer the Coliseum.
  • Launch the Rhotuka spinner and fire the catapult to drive off attackers.
  • Measures a full 20 inches (50 cm) wide and 13 inches (33 cm) high!
  • Includes glow-in-the-dark elements!
  • Special edition Kahgarak has gold-colored elements and dual launchers!


Battle of Metru Nui Instruction



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